The 15 Items Every College Girl Needs in Her Bag

Being a college girl is tough! Between long hours studying and trying to keep a semi-normal social life, it’s easy to forget the little things. That’s why having a well-stocked bag is a must. As an undergraduate, I learned very quickly that if I kept essential items in my bag I would never have to go without.

I can’t tell you how many times I needed the items on this list and was so happy that I had them in my bag. Your friends will also love you for having these must-haves to borrow too! Keep reading for the 15 items that every college girl needs in her bag!


1. Headphones

I always have headphones in my bag because they’re great for drowning out noise while you’re trying to study (and for ignoring cat callers when you’re walking across campus).


Headphones to Love:

2. Hair Ties

Hair ties are a must for long-haired ladies, especially if you’re taking a science class that has a lab.

3. Band-aids

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten blisters on my feet from walking across campus in new shoes. I always keep band-aids in my purse for that very reason!

4. Sunglasses

 My eyes are very sensitive to light, so I always have a pair of sunglasses in my bag.


Sunglasses to Love:

5. Mints or Gum

You don’t want to be that person with smelly breath! 

6. Pen and Small Notebook

A pen and small notebook come in handy when you need to jot something down during a meeting. 


Notebooks to Love:

7. Advil

The small travel size packets of Advil are a must, especially if you get headaches frequently!



My Favorite Purses:


8. Portable Phone Charger

My boyfriend bought me a portable phone charger because my phone was always dead, and let me tell you, it has been such a game changer! Best invention ever!!


Portable Phone Chargers to Love: 

9. Snacks

It’s really difficult to concentrate during class if you’re hungry, so make sure to keep a couple of snacks in your bag if you don’t have time to eat between classes. 

10. Tampons

There’s nothing worse than starting your period and not having a tampon!

11. Lipstick and Chapstick

I’m not going to lie, I probably have too many lipsticks in my purse! Is six too many? Haha! I’ve been wearing this matte lip color by e.l.f. a lot this month. It’s also nice to have chapstick around, especially in the winter months.


Lipsticks to Love:

12. Stain Eraser Pen

There is nothing I hate more than having a stain on my clothing! Keep a stain eraser pen in your purse for those accidental stains, and you’ll never have to worry about looking like a hot mess!

13. Tissues

I don’t keep tissues in by bag year round, but they are such a necessity during cold and flu season. 

14. Lotion or Handcream

I always keep a mini bottle of lotion in my purse. My favorite is the Bliss Body Butter, which smells really good!


Lotion to Love:

15. Deodorant

If you’re a super sweaty person like I am (tmi?), then a travel-size deodorant is such a lifesaver. 



What must-have items are in your bag?



xo Kayla


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