Polka Dot Print Sweater and Skirt

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Polka Dot Print Sweater and Skirt

I have been trying to mix things up a little bit with my outfits by using items that I already have in different ways. I have had this polka dot print sweater and skirt for a while now, but have never worn them together. The other day I was in my closet and it struck me that the two would look great together. This outfit works because both items are the same colors and the pattern on one is larger than the other. I can’t believe I didn’t come up with this combo sooner!

Tomorrow I’m going on a field trip to the Cincinnati Zoo with my Conservation Biology class. A field trip in college? I know it’s weird, but I’m excited! We get to meet with some of the members of their conservation research group, called CREW, and learn about the different conservation efforts that the zoo takes part in. I’m so excited about this opportunity for so many reasons. I’m hoping that I will get an internship to the zoo this summer before I start my master’s. I would love to be able to work at a zoo one day and also participate in conservation research and animal rehabilitation.  We also get to go on a behind the scenes tour of the cat and reptile houses. A girl in my class has a relative that works at the zoo, so she’s hooking us up with the additional tours. Score!


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Polka Dot Print Sweater and Ring: Forever 21 | Skirt, Bag and Shoes: Target | Earrings: Ruche | Necklace: Charlotte Russe | Bracelet: Kohl’s | Watch: Charming Charlie 




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