Sheep Sweater, Gray Statement Necklace, Gray and White Striped Shirt, Jeans, and Crossbody Bag

Black Sheep

Sheep Sweater, Crossbody Bag, Jeans, and Burgundy Loafers OutfitSheep Sweater, Crossbody Bag, and Burgundy Loafers OutfitSheep Sweater, Gray Statement Necklace, and Crossbody Bag Sheep Sweater, Gray Statement Necklace, Crossbody Bag, Jeans, and Burgundy Loafers Winter Outfit   Sheep Sweater, Gray Statement Necklace, Crossbody Bag, Jeans, and Burgundy Loafers OutfitSheep Sweater and Crossbody Bag Winter Layers Outfit  Sheep Sweater, Gray Striped Shirt, Jeans, Burgundy Loafers, and Crossbody Bag Winter Outfit

 While 2014 wasn’t the best year ever for me, 2015 is looking promising! This summer I will be graduating with a B.S. in biology and will begin my M.S. in biology in the fall. I’m eager to begin a new chapter in my life and to move one step closer to completing my goals. I’m also really excited for my last year as an undergraduate. This semester I am taking a lot of classes, but they are all classes that I am truly interested in. I’m taking marine biology (which includes a field trip to a research station in Florida for the week of spring break), ornithology, vertebrate histology, and genetics.

I have been volunteering in a lab for over two years, doing work in neuro/respiratory comparative physiology and we are starting a new projects next semester. The last few semesters I have been analyzing data for the PhD student that I work for. This semester, however I actually get to help with the experiments! It’s going to be a long semester, but I’m ready for it!

It has been warmer than usual the past couple of days, so I’ve been able to get away with less layers lately. Can we just take a moment to talk about this sheep sweater? It is the most adorable sweater ever! Since it is still a bit cool out, I layered my sheep sweater over a gray and white striped shirt. The gray stripes pick up on the gray and white sheep in the sweater. To finish off the look I added a gray statement necklace and burgundy loafers.

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